Working towards a regenerative future? Come together.
ReGen18: Gathering the Tribe
I haven't seen it in the data, but intuitively, it feels like the concept of regeneration is gaining traction. More people are talking about it, more projects invoking it, interest from donors and investors seems higher.

This is a good thing. Building a powerful network is a crucial component of a successful movement. We want to reach the point where everyone knows everyone knows everyone knows the future is regenerative.

Getting together with other people who see the potential of a regenerative future is a good way to accelerate our progress. Regen18, to be held in San Francisco May 1-4, is a special opportunity -- perhaps even a nucleator. (Note: RASA is a network partner for the event). 

Regen18 has a few things going for it, including:
  • being in the Bay Area where a lot of crazy ideas become reality,
  • an organizing team with a history of mainstreaming big concepts,
  • a cross-cutting set of tracks spanning regenerative "society,"
  • a powerful group of presenters,
  • plus, a self-organized day (May 4) for us to work together.
Come if you can! Friday is the last day for early bird prices plus you get an extra 30% off with this link.  See you there?
Designers of Paradise
The Podcast is live. The goal is to tell "bright spots" stories of people creating a regenerative future and use their experiences to identify opportunities for even more progress.  

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Wanda is a social innovator, community builder and garden activist. She runs garden-based education programs for schools in Oakland California.

Emily helps run Three Springs Farm in Oklahoma, participates in and helps organize farmer-to-farmer exchanges, and serves as an Organic Producer Representative to the USDA.

Erik van Lennep talks with filmmaker and storyteller Peter Byck

Other Gatherings Past & Future
Business can evolve capacity to work with human activity embedded in, effected by and affecting living system processes.

Calling for a revolution from the heart of nature, each year we convene thought leaders, activists, and artists in an inspiring, fun, and family friendly setting.

One of the nation’s largest gatherings of community nonprofits, policymakers, government officials, small businesses, banks, and academia, all coming together to create a just economy.

Resilience through a Regenerative Lens, Philadelphia, PA

The South Dakota Grassland Coalition and SDSU Extension are co-hosting the 10th Annual Grassfed Exchange National Conference in Rapid City June 20-22.

“I was blown away at how fast the regenerative agriculture movement is taking root,”

Desired outcomes were to strengthen the local network across sectors, refine our shared language, better understand each other's efforts, identify opportunities to collaborate, and discuss approaches for future coordination.

Synthesis from RASA's Regenerative Future Unconference, Arlington VA in 2016

Synthesis from the 2017 event in Boulder with links to presentations and notes about working groups.

Make real connections with brilliant minds in the regenerative movement. Find events, trainings and workshops on regenerative agriculture, soil health, and more. 

Just Because
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In Closing
We are very early in the process of defining what it means to build a regenerative society. While the terminology will continue to evolve, we're convinced the ideas are directionally correct. Now we are studying, testing, plotting, and building interest, support, and resources.

Thus this newsletter, which will come out every few weeks with information about RASA - narrating our work - along with brief observations and links to related materials exploring innovation and the regenerative economy.

With effort, and a bit of luck, we hope support for these concepts becomes a wave sweeping the world! Check out the archive to see if this newsletter is right for you (or a friend).

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