Terms of Enlightenment
The term "regeneration" has been a game changer for me. As I described before, I learned the term from Marc Barasch on January 16, 2015 at an event convened by networker extraordinaire, David Hodgson. There aren't many words for which I remember the day I learned them.

After a few years of frustrating work on "sustainability", I was primed for a new perspective.  "Regeneration" opened new realms of thought, connections with people, motivations for action, and a cause for hope.

Recognizing the value of a good term, what are some others that have helped broaden my perspective? 

Ecotone helps me pay attention to places where systems blend.

Precompetitive comes from the work of Jason Clay at WWF. He asked "should consumers have a choice about sustainability?" His conclusion: "sustainability has got to be a precompetitive issue" and, to do that, "we need collusion." (His 2014 TED talk is still worth watching.)

Solarpunk introduced me to new literature envisioning a regenerative future.

Stigmergy describes mechanisms of indirect coordination. Will these ideas help us enable large scale collaboration?

One term I wish existed (or don't know yet?) would describe all the kinds of "agriculture" -- not just plants, but animals, fish, timber, kelp.  Anyone know something pithier than "Food, Feed, Fuel, and Fiber"? Enlighten me!

Designers of Paradise
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How do we get past fear and move to learning? How do we think bigger, act now, work together?

Erik's interview with filmmaker and storyteller Peter Byck was the first full episode of Designers of Paradise. 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A stark choice for some Guatemalans: watch crops wither, and maybe die with them, or migrate.

"You don't have to know everything to begin with.  just start, plant some trees and go from there."  (video 3.5")

These ancient forest gardens may be more relevant than ever.

New Approaches

Transformative new model for solar industry aims to advance regenerative agriculture practices on millions of acres of land

We are looking for passionate technologists, growers, and innovators to come together, define problems, pitch ideas, create teams and build an agriculture or food related application. (July 28-30, Sacramento, CA)
One Last Thing
A field in Eagan, Minnesota has been transformed into Van Gogh’s 1889 “Olive Trees.”

In Closing
We are very early in the process of defining what it means to build a regenerative society. While the terminology will continue to evolve, we're convinced the ideas are directionally correct. We are studying, testing, plotting, and building interest, support, and resources.

Thus this newsletter, which will come out every few weeks with information about RASA - narrating our work - along with brief observations and links to related materials exploring innovation and the regenerative economy.

With effort, and a bit of luck, we hope support for these concepts becomes a wave sweeping the world! Check out the archive to see if this newsletter is right for you (or a friend).

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