The working framework for creating The Regeneration Wave -- a global movement for a regenerative society -- grows from three intertwined roots: 

  1. A compelling, well-told story
  2. A growing, dynamic network
  3. Infrastructure that makes everyone more successful

We discussed "storytelling" in 3 earlier issues of The Wave:

Last week's issue was about networks, so that leaves infrastructure

Infrastructure is the collection of shared tools and resources that make the sector smarter and more capable. Pick your metaphor - it is the scaffolding we stand on or the plumbing we plug into. Infrastructure enables us to work smarter and more quickly by leveraging past investments. More important, these investments have been deliberately designed so that others can leverage them. 

We're familiar with infrastructure investments made by governments including things like:

  • the US Interstate Highway system which has almost 50,000 miles of road and cost about $500 billion in 2015 dollars.
  • the Large Hadron Collider, the largest machine in the world. It took thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians decades to plan and build, and it operates at the very boundaries of scientific knowledge.

But infrastructure investment doesn't have to come from the public sector. My favorite example of cooperatively created infrastructure is the Internet. While the government had a role in launching it, it has been built over two generations with a great deal of openness, cooperation, and co-investment supported by government, business, university, and individuals' contributions. (Here are more of my thoughts about what we can learn from how the Internet was built.) 

The challenge for the Regeneration Wave is to identify and co-invest in infrastructure that will help us more quickly create a regenerative economy and world. Examples of infrastructure we might build include:

  • shared data and analysis tools, 
  • contract and legal language, 
  • templates for buildings or machines, 
  • stories, 
  • interconnected networks of supporters, investors, ideas,
  • curriculum and learning materials,
  • what else?  

What infrastructure are you building? Let us know and how we can co-invest!

Infrastructure Investments Paying Off in Science

... And for Regeneration

In closing

We are very early in the process of defining what it means to build a regenerative economy. While the terminology will continue to evolve, we're convinced the ideas are directionally correct. Now we are studying, testing, plotting, and building interest, support, and resources. 

Thus this newsletter, which will come out about weekly with brief observations and links to related materials exploring innovation and the regenerative economy. With effort, and a bit of luck, we hope support for these concepts becomes a wave sweeping the world! Check out the archive to see if this newsletter is right for you (or a friend).

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