A positive sign the regeneration wave is building is the volume and quality of books coming out around the topic. We've started building a reading list as we run across books and are looking for help in reading and reviewing them.  Will you pitch in?

Given our agriculture emphasis, many of the books focus on farming, food, permaculture, ranching, etc. We've also stretched to include broader categories like the anthropocene, storytelling, business models, and more.  

We can use help on two questions:

  1. generally, would you recommend the book to others?  Should we read it ourselves and promote it?
  2. more specifically, are there compelling case studies of regenerative efforts we should know about?  

We're working on a variety of concepts to tell stories about successful efforts and challenges innovators face. What stories need to be told? Who has overcome challenges that strengthen the sector? Who is already covered enough. (We don't want to be one of those sectors that just repeats the same chestnuts!)

Please check out the list.  If you have suggestions for other books or reviews of what you've read, please add them as comments to the spreadsheet or email them to me and I'll add them.

Thanks and happy reading!

The Bookshelf

What is Regeneration? The Discussion Continues

Who Is Going?

Just Because...

In Closing

We are very early in the process of defining what it means to build a regenerative economy. While the terminology will continue to evolve, we're convinced the ideas are directionally correct. Now we are studying, testing, plotting, and building interest, support, and resources.

Thus this newsletter, which will come out every few weeks with information about RASA - narrating our work - along with brief observations and links to related materials exploring innovation and the regenerative economy.

With effort, and a bit of luck, we hope support for these concepts becomes a wave sweeping the world! Check out the archive to see if this newsletter is right for you (or a friend).

If you find this email valuable, please share with a friend. If you don't, please unsubscribe (link at the bottom.) We also much appreciate comments, advice, and suggestions for links to highlight.



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